The lives of Bob Dylan's songs on stage

While searching for lyrics to cover his songs, I noticed that Bob Dylan's website mentions the first and last date on which each song has been played live, as well as the total number of times Dylan played it on stage. I decided to visualize these data to see if I could find interesting patterns.

Dylan wrote many songs, some of which are known all over the world while others have remained relatively obscure. So it is not surprizing to see that while a few songs have been played a huge number of times, others have only occasionally been played live, if at all.

The most played song is All Along The Watchtower, possibly thanks to Jimi Hendrix' genial cover. It has been played 2257 times. The song which has been played over the longest period is Blowin' in the Wind. Dylan has performed it for over 54 years.

What is also interesting is to group the songs by the decade in which they were first played. The most played songs are of course from the 60's and 70's (but they've been around for a long time!). But the songs from the 80's seem to have been less played live than the ones Dylan recorded in the following decades.

According to his website, Bob Dylan played different songs at least once on stage.

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      Watching the Albums Flow

      It's also interesting to see the cumulative plays per album. While early classics featured songs that have been played many times, one can see that more recent albums such as Time Out Of Mind (1997), Love And Theft (2001) and Modern Times (2006) have also fared very well on stage. Perhaps the Never Ending Tour has helped the latest albums a bit...

      The chart below shows the albums containing songs which have been played live at least once.

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      The (busy) Man in Him

      It's as if he had played
      once every days until now since he first played this song on .

      On average, he played this song times per year until now.


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