Mavromatika - Custom data-visualizations

If you’ve ended up here, you certainly have some important knowledge to share with the world.
Do you sometimes feel that you’re failing to connect with the people who should have access to this knowledge ?

This is precisely what I can help you with.
I make more than just visualizations. With a background in statistics, a working experience in research institutes, and an insatiable curiosity, I will understand what you have to say. Together we will find the essence, and I will translate it into the most appropriate visualization.
You message will be much clearer, and easily accessible to the people you are trying to reach.

How we could work together

The four steps below give you an overview of the process we would follow.


You tell me your story, the message you would like the world to hear. It’s complicated, few people outside your domain understand what you say. Fine. You’re an expert in your field for a good reason.

 Who are the people you would like to tell your message to ?

Whoever they are, we will need to adapt your message so that they can relate to it.


What is really your key message ?
Together we find the essence of your story.

 I make the most appropriate visualizations to tell your story.

Based on our preliminary work the visuals achieve clarity while remaining faithful to your message.

Where to use data-visualization

The visualizations I make can be either interactive or static. They can typically be used in posters, articles, presentations, or webpages.

Contact me !

Do you need a visualization, or simply have ideas you’d like to discuss ?

Send me a message, I’m curious !

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