Visualizations for the Apprenance website

Apprenance is an innovative training program tragetted at school teachers. It’s purpose is to equip teachers with the knowledge and methods to tackle the problem of “failing” kids (i.e. children who are left being in class and eventually drop out of school). The project is currently scaling up around Grenoble in France, and its promoters contacted me to build a platform to host information about the training program. The website also acts as a single entry point to all the local initiatives started by schools themselves around the program.

I tried to use as much visuals as possible, in order to clarify whatever information is on the page as much as possible.


Apprenance – Map of local initiatives
A visualization of the Apprenance training program
Apprenance – social status of young adults depending on their eductation
Apprenance – likelihood of obtaining a college degree depending on the social status of parents
Infographic on how the training program works