Clarity through data-visualisation

Do you have the feeling that the knowledge you are producing should be more properly disseminated ?

Thanks to our expertise in the grammar and semiology of graphics, we can produce visualisations that draw people's attention and make them want to get a good understanding of the ideas, mecanisms and concepts you are presenting.

With a background in statistics and science, a professional experience in research, and an insatiable curiosity, we are able to understand what you have to say. We can help you find the essence of your message.

At Mavromatika, we are convinced that most people are capable of understanding even the most advanced scientific findings. We design the most suitable visualisation, so that your knowledge can be disseminated in a clear, legible, and beautiful way.

Our team

Portrait of Pierre Massat

Pierre Massat

Data-visualisation specialist

With a background in quantitative and health economics, I worked for 8 years in academic institutions doing research in development economics and public health. I am convinced that even the most intricate research findings can be understood by anyone thanks to a good visualisation. This is why I created Mavromatika. I'm also a musician.

Portrait of Lucie Schmaltz (Phd)

Lucie Schmaltz (Phd)

Scientific advisor

I received my Phd from the University of Groningen in population dynamics and conservation biology. I thrive to understand research findings and communicate them to the general public. I am passionate about finding new ways of arousing curiosity and encouraging people to get a deeper understanding of ecology.